Now this was a purchase that was of requirement, my last pair of Headphones [Sennheiser HD 201] got in a war inside my bag, I don't know if my 3 kg laptop, or something else did the final strike, but they lost the war... and got destroyed. So these are replacements to them. So lets get into these stunning pair of cans.


  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 113 dB
  • Pick-up pattern: Noise Canceling
  • Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): -38 dBV/Pa
  • Volume Control (Located on the right ear cup)
  • Microphone Mute (Swivel the microphone to vertical and it mutes)
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    What's in the box?

    First thoughts

    My first thought was
    F*** me! Hopefully the box matches the headset!
    [Note: It isn't. The device is MUCH more cooler than the box!]

    Headset looks

    It doesn't look that bad. I really dig the simplistic styling, smooth lines and beveled corners, with brushed metallic rings around all rotating parts, and really well integrated vents.


    This headset is an "Open ear", now this removes the uncomfortable "Hot ears" from the equation by allowing the headphones to vent hot air, and keep the ears at around room temperature.
    Now the headphone's ear-cups are fixed, and can only slide vertically to accommodate for Taller heads. So how does it accommodate different sized heads? So how does it handle different shaped heads? [quote="Sennheiser"]CircleFlex ear cups rotate the ear pads and adjust automatically to your head.[/quote] So effectively the Ear pads (And speaker which is contained in it) can Roll and Yaw freely, to fit to the head perfectly. And the padding makes it feel like there's nothing on your head. (I even wear it wrong every now and then and not notice!)

    Build Quality

    Now at the price of this device, you would expect this device to be really really sturdy, and Sennheiser doesn't let up, these feel like it would require a lot of force to break them, and with minimal exposed points of rotation these can't snap off easily [Unlike my last pair of headphones].

    Audio Quality

    Now this is the real bread and butter of this review.
    The quality of these headphones is exactly like all other Sennheiser headphones, just perfect. While I'm no Audio Technician, but I can't perceive any artifacting, and the audio sounds crystal clear. And it doesn't skimp on the mid range sound, while being able to get killer lows and highs, which allows this headset to play music at a stunningly high quality, as well as not hiding those little subtle sounds that allow you to hunt down your enemy in games.

    And that bass!

    The bass on it is insane, when I was in a game, with nice cavernous rumbles, it blew my mind, and sent shivers down my spine!

    Microphone Quality

    Now, the quality of the microphone is really good, and no one complains about the quality of it, when I use it on Teamspeak.

    Wait? How can a Headset that has 2 speakers... Do 7.1 Surround Sound?

    Easy. It's the USB Soundcard it ships with... So what does this USB Soundcard deliver?
    [quote="Sennheiser"]7.1 channel surround sound powered by Dolby Headphone and Dolby ProLogic IIx gives you a more spacious sound field. Now you can accurately pinpoint opponents from all directions in the gamescape.[/quote]
    So effectively, its allows for virtualized surround sound. Now since there are only 2 speakers, it can't compare with real surround sound systems, but it makes it feel wider, and more directional. And when your hunting down that pesky sniper, any help, is good!
    If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 10 of 10.
    Great Headphones, makes crystal clear sound, not terribly expensive, and ridiculously comfortable. And looks great to boot. What else would you want?