You may be thinking "But wait, shouldn't this be in the Havenmead Saga?" Well...

There are a few differences, while the name of the land is the same. Havenmead was rocking Feed the Beast, and had enough rules that you needed to read 3 posts, just to build a house. This time it's Vanilla Minecraft, so anyone can join, and it's got the generic set of rules, no special zoning.

It's Havenmead. Just more fun and less seriousness.

And with this lax rules, I'm going to hit a more lax approach, gone is the hours of planning posts. I'm just going to make them after I play. But I'm still going to run *mostly* first person 'Blog' style.

Well here we go!

Day 0

After finding a suitable section of land I decide to start flattening and squaring off my land. After I created an AMAZING waterfall from the natural lake, I decided to do a clean, high class design.

After a total of 480 Acacia Wood Planks for the floor, and some stairs, and flowers and 3/4 of the walls, it was this:

And suddenly!

Pufferfish Roulette!
You can grab the rules here.

The winner was Furcas.

In Summary

It's got 4 walls, floor, stairs, road entry... and it looks like this:

I'm happy at what I have done.

The roof can go on tomorrow.

Also I loved the moment when someone said on TS "Oh shit, that Boboon guy is actually in this channel"... I have no idea why they said that.

Favorite Song of the Day
It fits so well, the day in Minecraft and absolutely perfectly with me IRL.
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