The day broke, hushed whispers rushed through the town, Oh this is bad. There's a mysterious THIEF! A stinking filthy sewer rat around, better keep an eye on your chests, things may start walking by their own accord...

Suddenly Mayor Avarice rushed out, and yelled:
As you may have heard, a unscrupulous thief has stolen a gold block, from the mystical spawn beacon no less!

Now if the scumbag returns the block to it's rightful place by midnight, no ill will come from it!

If they don't, the solid bio-hazardous waste will hit the high velocity electro-mechanical rotational air circulation device. And they will be forced to play solo Pufferfish Roulette... FOREVER!

The town members were overjoyed at the hard line being shown by his highness! After a while it settled down, and all the townsfolk returned back to their daily tasks.
And I started on my roof.

Suddenly , sounds broke out accross the town, the Messiah, SamV522, wielded the fabled Stick of Discipline! The Scrolls of LANBoxia were correct. When people entrude on the hallowed lands, they shall be smote down by the Stick! All hail Blaknite in all his godliness! May he one day walk among us!

A few hours later, VICTORY, the roof was complete, and I even found time to install a single strip of windows, that provide me a clear view towards the town hall. And from some spots I can see the town, slowly growing!

So I had a quick smoko beside my flowerbed.

But all good things have to come to an end, I had work to do, my entry way doesn't build itself... And after a few magical hours I was done!

It contains a small interim farm, to allow me some self sufficiency, while I devour the spoils of the deep. A very nice, contrasting breadcrumbs of Acacia Wood floor panels that assist in vectoring to entrances and exits. And a small room that contains a bed, so I can rest my head after a long hard day of work.

Time to expand to the deep... and conquer what is rightfully mine.
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