Doing things manually is so old school...

After a few days, my wheat has finally came to fruition, the yield is to low, for so much time... I need to make more! And while I'm at it... I should make it faster... and easier...
Bring in the Redstone, shit's getting complicated.

This is the first section of farmland, it can easily be expanded horizontally... And is only very slightly harder to expand it vertically.

Underneath it's a tad bit more complicated, There's a Hopper Conveyor, that links up to a Dropper Elevator, which through an Comparator and a Simple Repeater & Torch Clock, create an automated lift.
Now the most magical part is this row of repeaters, which through the magic of I'm a boss, causes the farm to flood, and for all the wheat to be pushed down to the hoppers, and collected! How? Pistons! [Well... it will when I get enough Iron (I need to finish the hoppers first)]
Which of course has a manual flush button, just encase something needs an extra push to get completely out.

All the output from this goes up to my man cave, and gets piped through the most complex, smallest AND single layer Redstone Device I have ever made. Which chucks it in the correct chest.

But this really chews through the Iron! >4 stacks to make nearly all the hoppers!
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