This was the day of champions! The day of victory, the day... of IRON! And some more redstone magic.

Today I finished my farm, it took a few hours of the hard slog, bashing down walls and running into my mine to make more iron, and find more redstone.
And here it's in action!

All I need to do, is smack a lever, and BOOM! 10 loaves of bread. But my current farm outputs 13 loaves! I need more... but how...

Aww yeah, after 2 stacks of iron, and half a stack of redstone, I have doubled my supply of bread, to a whopping 20 loaves! That's nearly enough for a single day!
But it sure did make things more complex underneath! But at least I fixed the bug that made the last 4 items sent get stuck in the elevator.

AND I MET HIM!In all his mightiness and power! His caring hand can tame chickens, and allow a metric tonne of chickens to stay inside and behave, and his whispers can whisk people across LANBoxia and even in the Nether, just to stand in front of his might! Although it wouldn't hurt if he consulted with an interior designer... that's just garish.
I had to get an offering for his mightiness, I had to get a gift, that embodied him, his strength, his sharpness, his lonerness.
I had to get an item that's the best of the best...

First I thought to ask my friends, but then remembered that I have none. So after figuring I don't have enough wood to make an express lift down to bedrock, I moved on from that hurdle. And found one item in my chests that could fit the bill. A diamond. Not any diamond, a pure diamond, it was the strongest found in a pool of pure lava, the sharpest of all my diamonds, and was found on its own in the middle of nowhere.
But it was put aside for those reasons, it was going to be the centerpiece of my lounge, the centerpiece of my jukebox... The only respite I would get from the daily grind. The primary piece of my home... the primary piece... of myself. Its pureness, its perfectness was a perfect contrast of my impure, highly flawed self; but at the same time, it was a perfect match with me.
A part of me.

I gave it to him. Because I had no other choice too. My hand was forced.

And now I'm just more broken, more pieces shattered everywhere. One piece gone... the perfect piece, never to return. A piece that reflected all the broken parts, and held pure to me. Gone, because I my hand was forced.

Given to make better things. Things I would never done with it. Things I never could have done with it. To be with someone that deserves it. Who won't just squander it and ignore, it's perfection and beauty. A person who doesn't need to wish it will help change them. Who won't just waste it.

so why does it hurt so much?
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