Now I'm not going to apologize for the 5 day delay... I spent that time on holiday... and by that I mean working on reducing my Login Flow execution time, and adding all the features I wanted to implement.

Not that hanging out with friends thing... cos that would be exactly the same thing... Me being alone with that voice that says "Siphoning gas into that bucket is easy, and don't worry about getting it on yourself, science is more important. We must work on the Leidenfrost effect with a dry hand. Quick grab the matches..."
And from 30+ seconds to 22ms execution time, I don't think I did that badly...

Anyway... back to the Minecraft.

And to my distinct lack of iron.

After running into 7 diamonds, a stack and a half iron, and going through umpteen stacks of picks, I called it a day. Mainly because I was bored...

And decided to go back to setting up a Profile page, and planning on a Classified project.
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