It's a USB hub. You usually expect it to just be some extra ports... but this device surprisingly delivers just that, and leaves me longing for more.


This device is very sleek, and is designed for notebooks because you never have enough USB ports, so is very portable. Nothing very flash there. The only thing to note is the AC adapter the biggest 'Wall wart' adapter I have.

Technical Specs

This device is bad when it comes to the technical specs...
It has no host power protection at all... which is surprising since it's for notebooks.
When using it purely through the Host USB connection I managed to get it to pull 600mA with a USB port spare, with just my normally connected devices. The good news is that all my devices are to USB specs.
The bad news is that this device pulls more than the 500mA limit, which means with 7 USB 2.0 Compliant devices it will pull 3500mA from the host. Which is 7 TIMES the maximum allowed amperage... and that's ignoring the 100mA that the controllers pull. But this wouldn't cause increased battery drain [Since the Host should current limit] but it will cause unexpected device behavior since the voltage drops below the USB tolerances as the current increases above it.

It gets worst... there's no reverse power protection... That means if you have a fault in one of the connected devices, you run the risk of frying everything... Your computer, other devices. All it needed was 7 Diodes to protect the devices from this.

AND it doesn't even have intelligent power control... How much is it to grab another passive component and have it be able to mirror the state of the host device... It has a PCB, and 2 USB Hub Controllers, why couldn't they bang another transistor in on the AC power rail so that when the host is off, all the devices power down. It's basic, dirt cheap, and requires no more construction cost!
If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 5 of 10.
It's very high up on the price, but very low on the feature set.

It does the job, but it lacks nearly all the extra feature sets of the cheaper competitors.

For it's price, it is a very pathetic device, I've seen all these features in $10 4 port USB hubs... This being $69 for 2x 4 Port hubs in one package [That's why it has 7 ports].

The lack of protection really brings it down.