Game of the year right here! So much goodness!

Now this game is amazing. What other game out there can you do Fully immersive Air, Ground, Sea AND UNDERWATER battles? Absolutely NONE!

Now this is Only the ALPHA. And indeed, the UI looks like crap, and the tool tips are all post-fixed "(WIP Tooltip)" but it runs.

Now everyone should know that I'm not a ground based person, it doesn't take much intelligence to point a gun in a direction and fire. I'm all about Flying (Because a Tactical Insertion is not easy). But sadly my (Nearly) 10 year old Joystick doesn't like this game.

And I don't blame Bohemia Interactive, simply because most joysticks use a 0 -> 1 progression. Due to the tech used in mine (Yay for Budget Sticks) it uses a -1 -> 1 progression, which renders the bottom half of my stick useless!
. [Stupid job market being a pain]

But, my god, the sound... I completely nerded out when I heard it for the first time!

This game is shaping up to be amazing!