Got me a little hidey hole underground now, and am thinking about adding some of these newfangled machines down there.

Running low on coal, there is very little resources below. I'm going to have to speed up construction of my tree farm, just to keep alive, and maybe make me a nice multi-story home.

And I found out that due to some kind of 'magic' the Creepers, don't destroy blocks! Which is nice, due to some tosser deciding to detonate one near my house.It scared the crap out of me!

Met the top dog in this town, Blaknite, maybe if his nuclear generator has an 'accident' then the council will get a move on in this new town.

It doesn't even have street names! It's a pain to have to rely on my 'Borrowed' military HMD to find my way around. I can't even tell people where I live!

Hopefully, those damn spiders don't decide to jump my pitiful barrier and trap me underground again. The last two made wounds that haven't totally healed yet, and almost starved me to death!
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