Nothing much happened this week. Made 3 more sublevels and got that tree farm purring away perfectly.

Added a basic 3 high smoothstone wall around my compound, with a couple of wooden doors, and I added a ROOF! Sure it's only a shitty cobblestone one, but it's progress, and keeps those damned spiders on the outside of mah house. Awww yeah, I'm moving up in the world!

Been looking at those shiny electrical furnaces, seems logical to have one of those puppies running since I have very little coal, but I haven't yet sourced a source of rubber to make insulated cables yet. Imagane that, a way to smelt items without worrying that I've run out of coal while I wasn't looking!

The Council still hasn't gotten street names. Damn Bureaucracy. I have to take matters into my own hands.
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