Electricity! My next big adventure! But I'm going to have to ask the locals where some Rubber trees are located, so I can get me some of that precious black stuff to make some insulated copper cables!

My house has had some aesthetic modification to it this week, with a Gravel path, and lovely beds of Yellow and Purple flowers, and a Water feature, surrounded with a fence, taking up some of my unused space, that I didn't have a plan formulated of how to use it.

And for the truly observant you would notice that my first floor has a glass floor! Which will look lovely, and set the mood for the library that I have planned for that room. Now there's some class!
I went out exploring as well today! After hearing some rumors of some wild Wolves off to the southwest. And after my tortuous journey navigating around massive hazards like missing chunks, and skeletons (Try avoiding them when they have a 1 second head start)
SUCCESS!I have me some dogs! Hoorah! All I need is some cats and I've got me a small personal defence force, which really has some bite!

(Note: After a this post was created, the server was migrated due to the poor performance of the previous host, and during that transfer, my dogs, didn't make it. So you won't be seeing them in future posts, unless I go and tame some more wolves. Also for the people wondering why the sudden increase in the number of pictures, that's because I've gotten off my arse and added an image insertion feature into my Blog, so it's exponentially more easier to insert images.)
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