Depth, pressure, heat, minerals. All the things you find at the lowest levels, all the things I need. All I need is a Pit. A pit where men are made, Where heroes are made, WHERE I'M MADE!

That's 35 Layers of emptiness. That's a drop with a pucker factor of 10.0, you look down, and your sphincter fuses itself shut.

With the risk of death at every turn... THAT'S MY PIT! Although the bummer is that there was absolutely bugger all resources in there. Just lots of dirt and smooth stone... And some Lava (That I found the hard way).
But in all... Not bad for 3 weeks work.
(Oh and there's a free download!)

(Note: I think I'll listen to awesome music more often while I make these posts... They look more awesome that way!)
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