Oh wow, it's been over 1 month that I've been stuck in this [s]hellhole[/s] lovely city. And I've just entered into the Industrial Age!

And here we have the Pit in construction, mostly hand mined, but was finished off efficiently by a roaming Admin, with a Quarry.
Here's the Pit, 1 minute after the first image, this is on the Final Layer. So what am I going to put in it? Everything, an ME system, Tree Farm, and a Base station for my Quarrying activities.
But it does look a bit empty at the moment.

Oh and here we have an wild Avarice, of species Administratus Quarryus, foraging dirt in it's natural habitat, normally quite shy and tends to turtle in it's cave. Great care should be displayed when one has been on your property, since they have a habit of ripping up your underground powerlines in their quest for dirt.
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