Where the hell is all the gold!!!

I've mined too the limits of my ME system, and yet, I have very little gold!
But I have done some major modifications to my Industrial Site!

That's the view from Leadmax's building across the street, as you can see, I haven't quite finished the roof, but I'm getting there.

Looking from the Back Left corner, you can see that at the moment it is a very spacious open plan ground floor, and it's planned to not be all that cluttered in the future, since ya know, presentation is everything.

Here is the best thing I have ever met, this is a ME Access Terminal and ME Crafting Terminal (From Left to Right), these allow me to have massive amounts of storage, at my fingertips, and even giving me the ability to craft items without the need to go backwards and forwards between chests!

Here I have the Power transformers for all my equipment, from left to right they are LV, MV and HV outputs, and in the background is the ME Controller, which is required to run the ME network.

And here we have my NAS floor, this room can hold a massive amount of storage, if I full that single wall up, I will have 42.24Mb of memory, and that room can handle at least 2 more rows of that size. That's a lot of storage space! [Each row is 22 blocks long, 3 blocks high and each ME Drive bay can hold a maximum of 10 64Kb drives at this time.]

And here I have my lowest floor, on this floor, I have allowed Avarice to use for his Seed Oil Farm.
And to finish it of, I leave you with this amazing shot, of Kustom's Tunnel Bore
That's an eater of worlds!
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