I know I shouldn't be posting at night... My content quality goes down hill around about 10 pm.... I'm guessing that's cos my brain goes with it... So I'm going to keep this short.

So I played a few more butt numbing hours. Probably ~2-3 hours worth, but it was long enough to make my butt go to sleep... I've so got to get me a new chair!. And I was playing alone which was fun (Everyone else was either watching YouTube or playing on Havenmead).

I found a few "Colorful" bugs with one of my mods (Lets just say there's a major clothing 'malfunction' if you used a dialog option), Died tonnes of times cos I got myself into a instant death loop (By Saving at the wrong time around some OP witches.)

And leveled up tonnes, got me a horse, with joining the Companions on top.

Oh and learnt to whistle!

I like my progress so far!
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