I can't see how I misinterpreted "Don't build outside your lot towards the road" so badly...

When it obviously means, you can build outside your lot towards the road as long as it's a permanent structure, on the road, or over more than half the road.

So obviously my temporary structure that was there because of the utility lines being placed in the wrong location (On the road, rather on the border of the section) and I didn't have enough resources to extend a line out there at the time. Surprisingly I found this out when I headed over there with everything I needed to move it into my section. [It had existed only between a break between my session and now]



(Notice section missing, and the utility hole being one block towards the road than where it should be.)

Yes, this probably not a large issue, but I'm tired, annoyed, and completely confused at all the rules now.
Although I like how one of the rules are
For the same reason it's preferable that your help improve town infrastructure instead of building personal generators etc.
and how everyone who can has personal generators because of how bad the town infrastructure is... and they don't want to help improve it.