So I'm joining The LANBox's Skyrim event... Which is surprising because of how much Nexusmods is pissing me off.

Come on... I have to go through 5 screens [Including one that's a wall of text which is asking me to pay for less shit service... How about no.] till I can even get near registering.


Because some people don't use Steam Workshop... That's the Mod Management service built into the game.

Oh and I'm playing with all their mods + Dawnguard + Hearthfire + Skyrim High Res Texture DLC (It's Free!) + Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger + Follower Map Markers [Those are for the Steam Workshop as well... One Click and Boom.]

All I need now is the Dragonborn DLC and I'm set. (Anyone want to gift it to me? No? :()

I don't know if I'm going to Saga &| Fraps it... but I can decide that later.