Now, this game is still Alpha [Alpha 11 at time of writing], as such, by the time this game gets finally released, chances are any issues I have raised have probably long gone, as such, this doesn't constitute a Review...

Thing's I've found...

Continuous Intake

At the moment, it does nothing... If you turn it off, it still will attempt to overfill the prison, if you turn it on, nothing changes.
Personally, I see Continuous Intake to allow the prison to "overfill" when Prison Intakes are generated, as a way to force you to always being building cells. But, when you turn it off, it will never make the Prison Intake to be bigger than the number of free cells... This way continuous intake can split the hardcore players, from the Casual players.
Plus it's annoying to get twice as much Prisoners coming in, than beds that exist.

Worker AI and Pathfinding

It's really, really bad. Workers don't prioritise work on squares (Clean up > Move Items > Construct), so very often items get stuck in walls, and workers can't get to them. Plus they have an annoying habit of not doing the work they are assigned, and just turtling in the Storage area...
And workers sometimes can't path-find, to things like this:
Freespace all the way around it... but, the Worker AI can't find a path to it... But Guards can when forced to go there.

Workshop Saw & Workshop Press

These require power to run... Well... At the moment, they don't. Plus, when you place them down... and then remove them [To storage]... It leaves Power Cable behind. Making Free Cabling! (I would have a picture... But my Workers are too busy slacking!)

And the biggy


This game runs like a two legged dog, But runs very very light on the processor... using < 25% of mine... But about 50% of the RAM. Plus, Auto-saving and Loading the Game is quite slow, and breaks the flow.

But in all...

It's still an really, REALLY Addictive game! I clocked up 30 hours in the first 4 days I had it... And when all the Bugs get fixed, it's going to be amazing!
Want it?