Besides being the most risky url to put in to the Chrome Omnibox, when other people are around, Google Analytics ( provides some surprising numbers!

~25% Of my views come from mobile devices.
Google is by far my biggest source of Pageviews, coming at 49%, the next closest being Twitterfeed [Originating from Facebook] at 18%.
Google also brings most of my Ad views, consuming 57% of my ads, Twitterfeed only brings 19%.
The top three countries people come from is New Zealand [By a large margin], United States of America, and Australia.
62% of my views do not run a form of Ad blocking.
And most people come for my Reviews, mostly [post=257] and [post=261]

Which on a side note took up 1.23% of my posts [Before this post].

This told me 2 things: