It's only existed for a month, and I have changed soo much. Everything has changed.

It's faster

A single core 1.6Ghz Pentium M with 512MB of RAM vs Dual-Core 2.3Ghz (With HT) Core i5 with 4GB, with a SATA 3 drive.

Yeah it's a little bit faster.

Blog Updates

As you can see the blog post has some new items...

There is now breadcrumbs, the Post information segment is now multi-line with better information shown and a nice Avatar, and the Trending posts is now a more easy to use.

The Main Site

It now shows more data than just the services name, it also can run some JavaScript for each service to display data. Not only that, it is completely dynamic!

Some little used services are not present

The very little used Donate page didn't like being moved, so I'm going to have too bump up my plans to rewrite it.

And things may break, but I'm going to me watching it like a hawk to fix all the bugs that come up before they become bigger issues.

Don't be surprised if things revert back over the next couple of weeks... That means something broke, big time.

Now all I need to do is cover the amazingly bright light on my external hard drive so I can sleep...