This is a one Month milestone for my Fitbit One Review. Since this is a device that you are expected to wear... I recommend reading my review to get a more clearer picture first before reading the rest of this post.

So what have I run into? Well quite a few niggles.

Some of the issues I had got fixed, like the Dashboard not Auto-Updating... it now sometimes auto-updates the displayed data, and the lack of tooltips. But there are still some issues. Things like not getting badges when they are due. But they still have the really annoying, untargeted ads that randomly appear. I would get it if they showed me ads about their horrible Aria Smart Scale. But I don't think I want to buy another, less functional Fitbit.

Weekly Sitreps

One feature that surprised me is the Weekly Digests, of the previous week. Now I would have liked it if it had used my preferences when generating that report, sending to me halfway through the next week. But it tells you when you did good, and when you did bad at a glance, which is nice!

They really didn't hold back on the data shown. The only thing I think they need to add is the Very Active Minutes breakdown.

Wearing the Fitbit

Surprisingly very little of my clothing has issues with wearing my Fitbit. Only in Jeans do I have a problem, in all my other clothes it just blends in completely flat. But in Jeans it juts out about 5-10mm which is just enough to get caught on some items, randomly. Which is annoying.

Sleep tracking

I find sleep tracking to be amazing! Not only does it show how long you slept for, it shows how well you slept for. The only draw back is that the wristband that it ships with, is very badly designed. It is quite common for me to wake up, and find the wristband has fallen off during the night. Since when it's in use, the 1cm wide strip of velcro that holds the band on, has half of it's width protruding off the band, which means it takes very little force to pull off, and is insanely hard to put back on, in the darkness... since it is Black. And it wouldn't have taken much to design it in a way that prevented this...
If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 9 of 10.
Reliable, reasonably well fitting device. With some flawed accessories, like Buggy Dashboard and poorly designed wristband.

But a very good purchase in all.