Something's changed... Can you find it? No? Look closer!

Well if you still haven't found it... Scroll down and then back up. Still can't find it? I'm talking about this:

It's really not hard to miss. And if you look at one of my Reviews you can see that it even can show trending articles of the same type!

Also $30 for 3 pizzas + 2 Garlic Breads + 2 1.5 Liter drinks is insanely more expensive than back in my day...
When did I get old enough that "Back in my day" is part of my day to day vocabulary!

One of the hardest part of this was setting up the Cover Images, and allow it to be easily set to an image inside the post... Since it should reflect a section of the content. So take this image which I took on my run last night with my $1k potato:
All I need to do is add the attribute "cover" to the Image Tag, and it will automatically use it as the cover image! So if you share this post to a site that handles the Open Graph protocol... like Facebook. It will automatically add the image!

So what have I declared war on? My Bounce rate! Bounce rate being users coming to a page and just bouncing away from it after reading the post. Obviously my first salvo in this war is the aforementioned trending slider.