Due to the ongoing cluster fsck that is my ASUS laptop, I decided it was time to replace it's slow, defective Hitachi hard drive, that was "replaced", with a fast, reliable Western Digital drive. So, how does it add up?

Well it runs amazingly! Google Chrome can't lock up the whole system anymore! And the drive actually idles. And the benchmarks back up the speed increases!


  • Acoustic performance: 28 dBA (average)
  • Power:

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    So what's different?

    It's faster. The Hitachi drive is rated at 5,200 RPM this is rated at 7,500 RPM, It has 2 processors, rather than the Hitachi's 1, and has a twice as big SATA connection!
    It has lower power consumption. The Hitachi uses 200mA more current than this drive. Which means more battery life.
    It spins up faster. Since it's not defective.
    It's more reliable. Western Digital tests EVERY SINGLE drive, rather than a sample of drives from a batch.

    Ease of use

    Installing it is simple. Just drop it in, and boom you're in business.
    After a quick clone+ alignment OR Operating System install, it is completely ready for use.

    Although, if you want to access it's tools and support, you should copy the serial number off the drive before you install it, since to access the tools, you have to register the drive.


    Those pictures say a thousand words...
    The WD drive read speed is 40% faster than the Hitachi's, has a 2.8ms lower seek time, and took less time to spin up!

    Now what to do with the old Hitachi drive... Apparently use it.
    If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 10 of 10.
    It's a Hard Drive, it stores things.

    Although it is faster, more power efficient than it's predecessor. But the fact that to access the Software tools requires you to register the drive is a pain. Especially if you have installed the drive, since you have to read the serial number.