First, if you noticed the title you may notice that it's an EARLY ALPHA and VERSION 0.0.1 so don't complain that the bugs I mentioned "are because it's early alpha and I should stop complaining." I know this; this is more for me to speak about some of the bugs and grievances I ran into. It's kinda like my thoughts of the game. I know people are groaning and complaining that they picked it up from the title, but as most people find out, the general populace tend to not read titles... Anyhow...

The not so good.

Oculus Rift

This game was developed for the Oculus Rift, and it's the most painful part of this game. If you have been living in some desert for the past few years, the Oculus Rift is a $350 USD, highly experimental VR Platform with very low penetration.

The way the game feels at this time is that you have to guesstimate the distance using the visual cues that you normally see in the real world, the problem is that on a 2d screen, those depth cues don't exist, and generally have to be simulated, at much reduced efficiency. This makes using any of the ranged weapons a very inefficient affair and given the very limited ammo not a very good tactic. And it doesn't make using the melee weapons any easier due to the lack of contextual cues.

The axes.

The first tool (and weapon) you pick up is an axe, and it's pretty much the only one you ever need to use. There are three problems I've ran into:

Firstly the point at which the axe stops cutting is not where you would expect it to be, you would expect it to stop at the center of the screen, which also is where you would have the most power IRL; in the game it's ~15% to the right of the center, if you don't offset it the axe will just clip through the tree with no effect.

Secondly the amount of damage the axe would do is so pitiful it makes it very hard to actually use as a weapon, the bonus parts is that there is no extra reaction where you actually hit the mutant, so if you aim for their throat, they don't bleed out, or suffocate.

Thirdly the way the character wields the axe is all wrong! There is none of the natural contextual clues to what the action is going to be and when you right click the character parries like so:
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The problem is that you only parry with swords since when the opponent hits your sword it will only leave a bruise from the flat side hitting you, plus it can blunt the opponent's sword.

With axes, you block by sliding the top hand up until it rests below the axehead and holding it in front of you it's effectively how the player blocks with a stick in their hand., this achieves the same purpose of having the blunt handle hitting you, rather than how they currently hold it which would amplify the attack since the fact it only clamps 1 DoF which allows the axehead hit you.

The wildlife.

Especially the birds.

One of the problems is that the wildlife can clip through things, that everything else can't. So you could be chasing a rabbit just for it to run through a wall. But on the other side of the fence it can be completely hilarious what the wildlife can do!

Minor niggles

The lack of doors is annoying, but survivable. You can sometimes get tossed very far, and very high up causing an instant death [Which is no doubt a bug]. And the log spawns after cutting down a "big" tree, have a habit of jumping all over the place.
Also the Loading Game feature isn't yet 100% so you can get some clipping issues.

The Good

The Surprises

The mutants are nasty stuff! They can really sneak up on you at times, and give you amazing frights. Not to mention the caves! When it's fully done it could be one gnarly horror game!

The Survival

While not fully fledged, but what has been done is amazing, the foraging mechanic has great promise, and it would be nice to be able to "cook" meals in the full game.

The freedom!

This game does not utilize the railed sandbox design, it's truly a free roam survival horror game!

But that's not a lot of good parts? Is it a bad game?

No! It's a surprisingly fun game! But it is still very early in the development. And I keep coming back to it! Of course if you want to try it out for yourself, you can grab it on
PS: There is also the same amount of points in the good parts as the bad parts... the good parts just doesn't have as many images!