And unsurprisingly you won't see a thing... Because you can't see what's under the hood!

So I effectively rewrote all my login code, both in this blog and on my Secure Authentication Gateway... at the same time... with no loss of service.

Now I have malicious redirection attacks mitigated, since the Source server must instigate the Auth request, which is completely stateful and Application specific, and must have the endpoint on the register domain.

And it will plonk you back on the page you were on before starting the Login sequence, rather ending up on the homepage (Which was disorientating to say the least).

Plus, it can even fully automatically O-Auth now!

And I didn't have many bugs... Just a typo that made an infinite redirect loop...

And I added support, fixed the Search page show more post data and to list posts in order... faster, fixed expires headers to allow more content to be cached more accurately, and made the server automatically resolve the duplicate tag bug that's been plaguing me since I added tags.