It's in early development, and missing all the shine... and most of the polish. But still immensely fun! Although a tad bit annoying at times.

What's going for it?

Well it's got the gameplay

That's for sure. Being able to jump between controlling the ship IN SPAAAAAAACE!, and controlling a first person character that is able to run all over the surface of planets and inside the ship, who is able to wield a very advanced, very dangerous... uh... fire extinguisher. Although for some reason you can't go all WALL-E in space... yet, which is a sad proposition. The fire extinguisher is a very important tool to have, since your (mostly metal) ship has a tendency to catch fire for many reasons; (re)enter too fast: fire; land to heavy: fire; get shot at: fire.

So during the very plentiful, heated battles you have to make snap decisions between returning fire, and putting out the fires, or putting your tail between your legs and running, which is a massive challenge at times, but is immensely fun. This game prioritizes a very strategic, very tactical approach, rather than the run and gun approach. You are not the most powerful ship... Not by a long shot. Which is AMAZING! You have to use a very unconventional warfare approach and have a very hit and retreat policy, since as soon as the hostiles know you are there, you are most likely, going down in flames.

Well it's got the storyline?

The storyline is very twisty and turny, and is quite complex, with what appears to be (I haven't actually completed it yet) many parallel storylines going at the same time. Which give different views and personal experiences. Although I personally believe that Rodina's storyline is too complex and too noisy and detracts from the storyline, but that comes under the Personal results may vary category.

Free to use it footage

Yep, this is right, being able to publicize what you think about the game is a feature. What has the world come to. I personally blame America's Legal system.

What's not going for it?

Again functionality wise, this is a very EARLY development game. It says that on the tin so it's kinda expected that a lot of the listed features are missing. This list is more here for completeness and to have the "I told you" excuse, rather than being complaints.

The Controls

The controls on the game are quite bad, it feels like the developer did a little bit of a hack, and just made the first person view to have the same forces as when you are control of the shuttle. This causes it to have a very floaty effect, so it makes it a real pain in the arse, especially when you are trying to get back into the small airlock door. I seem to always spend more time trying to get up the ramp into the ship than exploring the planet.


The HUD is quite sparse...
And has, in normal operation, only 2 elements... 2 circles to be more precise, one of which seems to have no purpose. It only time it has anything else, is when you are switching gears. This is bad, there are no other displays, no speed, no altitude, no missile targeting, no closure rates, nothing. This makes entering atmospheres very hard, it's very hard to tell if you are actually entering the atmosphere or just skipping over it.

Lack of other things to do

There really is nothing to do other than going to markers on a planet and picking up the obvious objects. There are no other things to do... No exploration, No Socialization.

No Weapons

Other than the two ship weapons that you start with, there are no other weapons, and no customisation of them. Which makes things easier, but really cramps the ability to change your style to one you like. And with the weapons that are there, the Guided missiles lock on in flight, but there is no way to tell if they are going to lock on, or being able to influence their targeting. There are different Ammo types, but they don't have any downsides or limitations other than a lack of availability.

No Sensors

This comes more into the No HUD section, but there is also no other sensors, other than the default Map, but even that isn't really functional, since it doesn't put a blip down where you are, so you have no idea where you are in relation to the map.

Clipping, Lighting and Gaps

Pretty Self explanatory... The Auto-lighting placer seems to not handle corners or end of corridors, it will probably be better if it used wall mounted lighting as well as roof mounted lights on rooms > 2 squares wide.

What can they do to improve?

Accelerate the Modding system

Well normally I would go all "The developers should focus on the core game, not the fancy things like modding" but this time I won't, because I think that that would be a good thing to do. The development team is small, with a equally small budget, they have enough people to focus on core game elements, not more flashy things like extra gameplay elements, weapons, more components; which degrades the gameplay. Which is why having high through to low level modability is quite important to this game.

Want multiplayer? Make a team like JC2MP to mod it in.
Want Stargate/trek weapons and designs? Mod it in.
Want a realistic RADAR? Mod it in.
Want realistic reentry and controls? Mod it in.

This frees up dev time to do more important things like first-person flying, boarding ships, explore planets etc.

Is that all?

Yeah. This game is amazing, their plan [At least what they have said] is amazing, and has all the features that I expect from a game like this.

Most of my problems with this game is that I want it NOW!

God I'm impatient.
If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 8 of 10.
In terms of early development games, this game is already up there! That said, it still has a long way to go.

It's functional BUT not release quality... but it's clear on telling you this, so expect it.