Did stuff... A lot of stuff behind the scenes. Although not so much new content... just some significant page speed increases.

First there was a return of the Sagas! All the sagas that were created in my old Blog software were happily converted over to the new blog! Without any issues to boot!

Then there was a full refactoring of my Cover Image system. It used to use raw images, most of which were between 12 and 24 Megapixels, to display as 100x100 Pixel cover images. This is deemed, for some reason, to be really bad. Not only was it costing me a large amount in CDN transfers, it had a significant impact on load times. Now when I upload a Cover Image, it is automatically resized to be 100x100px and compressed to be as small as possible, meaning a <1 second page load time in most circumstances. Plus a reduction in cost to run this blog.

I also refactored my Image upload mechanism. Making all the images I upload automatically convert into JPG and then running it through a Lossless compression, making me save on Storage and CDN costs. Also it gave a significant performance boost on heavy image posts. Plus after many many minutes of waiting, I also optimised all the previous images I have uploaded!

Sadly I wasn't able to finish the review I wanted to have done this month, mainly because I wanted to give it the fairest evaluation I could... Which meant that I have to wait for the first week of Uni to start... Which means it will have to wait to be released in the middle of March. So hopefully I will have 2 reviews done in March!

And another good thing for me to lookout for is that by the end of this week I will hopefully have Fiber in my home! With no Data cap! Oh life will be glorious.