Didn't get a whole lot done... Well I did but I don't have a lot to show for it...

I did get Fiber at the start of the month so editing posts, especially reviews, is now a whole lot faster!

And speaking of reviews, I finished one! My Tile Review shows that if you make a claim and don't keep it, I will rate you poorly. Surprisingly Tile have made no attempt to rectify the issues I ran into... But have added to the App an ability to get a free Tile if you get 2 Friends to purchase a Tile (Or Tiles). So you can slowly replace the Tiles that you will inevitably lose.
[br]The icing on that cake is that the Referral code... is your email address. So I wouldn't recommend posting it publicly.

I also got another review up to the point I need to do the final proof read. So it should be coming soon!

Other than that, all I did was fix a few RSS issues that stopped my posts being published to Twitter and Facebook.

Most of my time has been sunk into my University project and Assignments.