Well it's nice to know the people in charge have their priorities straight.

This town doesn't even have a name yet! And the people who got us in this mess decided that they should have the total unchecked power! Because that worked so well in the past. Although they did get the council chamber exterior up, although it is predictably bland, cliched and does not fit in with the wooden buildings around it.

You would think their demands that everyone's buildings must fit in with each other would be done by themselves. But they haven't shown anything less than do what I say not what I do on the whole journey over here.

Although I would have to say my premises is really starting to take shape.
With a very attractive curved roof design on top of a two story building with a workshop underneath, I'm very pleased.

Although I need to get in contact with the proprietor of the "Crazy Muffins" bakery to see if he would like to install a self service chest so that people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the town and just sit on the side of the lake and have some delicious pastries can do so outside the back of my store.

God with the sunrise pouring into my upstairs living quarters, that place will be a pleasure to live in... once I get some glass... and a bed...
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