It's been standing for four days and the self appointed supreme overload has had his lackeys in the government deface my property!

It's highly convenient that these "acts of terror" are happening exactly when he needs it, which he is using to create his own military squad. Which, unsurprisingly, is completely without any reproach under the guise of defending from the "natives". I don't know about him, but searching everyone's houses is not defending from the natives.

Even his own law enforcer is remarking that no one else had any means of making these "acts of terror". It wouldn't surprise me if he goes missing...

My workshop has come along nicely with all the storage areas and a source of sugar cane to make pages for my books. All I need now to do is find the person in charge of the smelter (I have heard of but never seen) to see if I can get a secure supply of Iron and Redstone to create maps. I should also get a secure supply of wood & string to build books.

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