How much can a battery provide? How much power is too much power for a charger?

Well after my uniquegoods 35W Electronic Load Review I wondered if there was any way to add graphing capabilities from it. After deciding that even though it is possible, by tapping into the screen connector and figuring out what the screen is displaying, I don't have enough time to do that.

And then I received a link from Amazon... For the EBD-USB+

And it's all that I ever needed.

How is it different from the uniquegoods Electronic Load?

Firstly the build quality is significantly better, I have not needed to do any further assembly since I pulled it out of the box. And there is no Flux gunge on any side of the multiple PCBs.
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Other than that, it's identical, ignoring the fact it only has 2 fullsize USB connectors and a single Micro-USB port.
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How's the software?

Setting up the device is quite simple, Linux and OSX come with the drivers out of the box, and Windows 10 instantly installs them.

The Software on the other hand... It's a different kettle of fish. You can barely find it, since the manufacturer doesn't have any web presence, and what they do have is very archaic, and outdated, and all my links have died; it's not that bad.
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There are only two tabs, and 99% of the things you need to change or view, are all on the default page. Not only that, the Auto-Scaling is on point, and you can see the whole test on the graph. There is even a button to export a screenshot of either the graph, or a picture of the graph and results column.
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Although that only exports it as it is shown on your screen, which very easily shows how high resolution of the graph is.
(Although JPEG artifacts does reduce the effect of it).

But all is not lost. It also has an option, after the test completes that exports a CSV file of all the raw measurements of the test. So you can do further calculations or turn it into animated graphs for display.

If I had to give this an subjective score I would give it a 9 of 10.
After some minor software acquisition issues, it works perfectly. It would have been nice to have a thermistor on the load MOSFET, to control any temperature issues.
You can get a ZKETECH EBD-USB+ from: