Accidentally deleted all of my internal databases...

Losing all of the posts I have done over the last few months... Conveniently all this means I that I can't edit old posts until I pull them back in from the last weekly backup, which took a few minutes.

Although I did publish the obligatory review post: "Review: ZKETECH EBD-USB+ Electronic Load".

But on top of that, I completely rebuilt both my Request Dispatch Router, and my Cache Page Generator from Ruby to run in C#.

Why? So I can run it on Azure's On-Demand Serverless Architecture. Meaning that I can rapidly and completely autonomously scale from 0 to a thousand pages per second, and only pay for the resources my scripts use. Although some of the front end caches cause some problems with the low volume of traffic I have.

The fact Azure gives free credits, which completely cover my current monthly use of those services is irrelevant. So I generated over 2,500 pages and handled over 1,200 page requests from front end cache servers. For FREE!