Because what good is a sandbox that is full of old stuff.

So the hodgepodge of equipment shoved in a rack is starting to show it's age, and I need a home lab to work on some ideas I have without fearing an $1,000 bill, at an affordable price, also I'm running out of space on my QNAP TS-220, and it doesn't even look all that nice.
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The only real constraint I have is that it needs to fit in my SKB 10U rack, which is perfect for a communications rack, which has a rackable depth of 450mm, which is about 200mm shorter than a "small" server rack, and 550mm shorter than a standard server rack, so makes the choice of equipment that much harder.

So my plan for my Generation 2 rack is this: No alternate text provided

Now this is a long term plan, but conveniently the most expensive part, the NAS can be increased up to it's full 8 drive capacity overtime, which has the added benefit of making the individual hard drives span multiple batches, avoiding any possible clustered manufacturing defects, and minimizing the chance of multiple drive failures in one go.
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